In addition to Rotterdam sailor butter (peanut butter) and Rotterdam old cheese, we now also have the Rotterdam Watershit. Plant food made by worms. They are not Hóllandse earthworms, but English worms that populate two worm hotels on the Dakakker in Rotterdam. The Dutch earthworms get their nose on half-digested gft waste and coffee drab, but English worms love it. The poo and the liquid that the worms produce descend low-by-low in the worm hotel. The end product is drained at the bottom. the Rotterdam Wormenshit. The Rotterdam Dakakker brings the bottles in a concentrated form on the market. Do not forget to dilute and … even if the bottle invites: Do not drink. The Rotterdam Dakakker is laid out on the roof of the Schieblock on the Hofplein. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown and bees provide city honey. The Dakcafé is accessible free of charge and offers a view of the activities on the Dakakker.